Mollet, Guy

Mollet, Guy
   political figure
   Guy Mollet, a statesman and socialist leader who served as premier of France, was born in Flers, Pas-de-Calais, and educated in Le Havre. He taught English in Arras and, during World War II, served in the resistance (Libération-Nord). Mayor of Arras (1945), a deputy (1946), and secretary-general of the socialist Party (sFio), he served in a number of governments of the fourth republic. After the Republican Front's victory (Socialists and Radicals of pierre mendès-france), in the January 1956 legislative elections, Mollet assumed the premiership. During his 16 months in office, he brought France through the suez crisis (November-December 1956) and the transition in French sub-Saha-ran Africa and in Algeria. He also adopted laws in favor of workers and signed the Treaty of Rome (March 1957). Tax increases in May 1957 forced his resignation. In late 1958, he supported General charles de gaulle in his candidacy for the presidency of the republic, a move that forced Mollet to resign his leadership of the socialist party. He then served as one of the four state ministers in de Gaulle's first cabinet (June 1958), but resigned in January 1959 over disagreements concerning the budget. In 1965, Mollet supported François Mitterrand in the latter's unsuccessful bid for the presidency, and at the same time sought to block a proposed alignment of the socialists with the Christian Democrats. In 1966, in a shadow cabinet formed by de Gaulle's opposition, Mollet was assigned the role of foreign minister. From 1967 to 1969, he served as vice president of a coalition, the Federation of the Left, and in 1973 was again elected mayor of Arras and deputy to the National Assembly.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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